Saturday, 4 October 2014

This post is a little overdue..

Hello my lovelies,

Soo, you may (or may not) have noticed that I've been a bit neglectful of this little space.. I can only apologise,  and explain that I've spent the last few weeks panicking/packing for my three and a half month trip to south east Asia!!

The time finally came! (I don't think I thought it would..)

In terms of the blog, things are obviously going to be a little different for a while.. I'm definitely not organised enough to have written three months of scheduled filler content to breach the gap, and I don't want to inundated this space with tales of my travels, because I know thats not why you come here (I don't want to get into a complicated discussion about whether or not a blog should have a niche, I just know that I loose intrest when a blog theme changes completely..)

With that in mind, I have set up 'Beyond The Attic', the online home of my asian adventures!

There will probably be some crossover between the two blogs, but if you want the full story, please do follow along there as well.

If traveling tales are not your bag, then can I just say that I really do hope you stick with that girl in the attic,  and I hope to see ya on the other side!

Much Love

P.s from now on, I will be blogging from my tablet,  without any editing software, so please excuse any typing errors/poorly edited pictures! (Any tips for blogging with android much appreciated!)

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