Sunday, 11 January 2015

There and Back Again

Gosh, how fast the time has gone!

The last three and a half months have flown by! But here I am, back at home, back in my Attic, back in the cold.

But what a time we have had! We've seen tigers and elephants and monkeys, we've visited temples and markets and beaches, we've eaten delecious food, and met some amazing people.

Ayutthaya, Thailand
Doi Suthep I, Thailand 
Doi Suthep II, Thailand 
Tiger Kingdom, Thailand 
Pineapples in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sunset from Mount Phousi, Laos
Alms Ceremony, Laos
Across the Mekong, Laos
Pak Ou Caves, Laos
Vang Vieng, Laos
Chillies, Laos
Local Village, Laos
Wat Phu I, Laos
Wat Phu II, Laos
Sunset over the Mekong, Cambodia
Monkeys, Cambodia 
Angkor, Cambodia 
Sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
Sule Pagoda, Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda I, Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda II, Myanmar
Air Asia Flight, Yangon - Bangkok 
Koh Tao, Thailand

And in amongst all that, I clean forgot to blog..

Silly Jess!

Since I'm back, with far fewer adventures to distract me, things should be back to normal here in the Attic, (and for those of you who enjoyed them, I think I will continue to recount my Asian adventures over on my other blog, so do check there for more tales from Thailand). :)

I hope you've all had a great few months, with happy Christmases and a fantastic start to the new year.

All My Love,

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