Monday, 31 August 2015

The Happiness Project: Week Eleven

This week was a weird one.

At one point I didn't think I would have much to say here, but with hindsight, there we're still plenty of little happy moments.

Monday - Attempting some yoga for the first time in an age! It felt good to stretch and exercise in a gentler way than my usual Pilates.

Tuesday - Visiting to Bristol to see my favorite Uni Ladies. :)

Dinner at Cafe Kino 

Breakfast at Katie and Kim's 

Wednesday - The sight of a chap out for a run with his puppy made my sad heart sing. I think dogs with runners always look happier than dogs out for a walk. His legs we're flapping around all over the place, and his face was full of joy!

Thursday - Thursdays are so nondescript. Once again I have no idea what I did.

Friday - Ditto about Fridays apparently..

Saturday - Catching up with some extended family. The wine and conversation flowed, and it was lovely.

Sunday - Date night! Joe and I went for Sushi, and then drinks at The Thief, and Velo Lounge, and then walked home, and fell asleep in front of Parks and Rec, and it was perfect.

I hope you have all had lovely weeks, and managed to find some happiness in the small moments.

Much Love, 

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