Tuesday, 1 September 2015

DISCOVER | Henny and Joe's Chai

This post is in no way affiliated with Henny and Joe's. I just think they're awesome, and that ya'll should know about them ;)

This blog has been through several reincarnations since it began all those years ago - both visually and in terms of content- but one of the things that I am most proud of is the success of my #SupportDairy blog post.

Supporting local, independent businesses is something I've been trying to do more of for a while now, so naturally is something I want to share with you guys here.

There are so many awesome independent businesses out there! From Restaurants and Coffee shops like Yammo, Society Cafe, Colonna and Smalls, to Crafts people like Meticulous Ink, to Producers like Marshfield Ice-Cream, Black Cow Vodka or The Bath Soft Cheese Company. There are Butchers, Bakers and probably candlestick makers. From hairdressers to coffee roasters to chocolatiers, you name it, there's probably someone out there doing it passionately, and without the backing of a big business. 

On which note, the first business I want to tell you about, is one of my absolute favorites; Henny and Joe's.

I had been aware of Henny and Joe's for a while before I actually managed to get my hands on a bottle; a Bristol based foodie kept tweeting about Big O's chai doughnuts, and my interest was piqued. (they're delicious by the way!)

Then one morning, I was browsing in Beyond the Kale (I was going through a serious healthy eating phase..), and spotted that distinctive bottle just sitting there on the shelf. 

Obviously I snapped it up right away!

For those who don't know (hello grandparents!), Chai is a sweet, spiced, tea based drink which originates from India. Traditionally Chai would contain ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper among other spices and is often drunk milkier than 'normal' tea. Its delicious.

I've tried a lot of Chai in my time, but nothing I've picked up to try at home is ever as creamy as the mass-produced latte that I hate-to-admit I enjoyed from Starbucks; tea bags were always a bit watery and super disappointing. 

Henny and Joe's is not like that at all! Henny and Joe's is delicious, and sweet and creamy, and so so much better than the sugar filled offerings from Starbucks. (And cheaper too!)

Apparently I'm a coffee shop snob, who knew..

The brain child of Ash (and named after his actual children, Henry and Joe), Henny and Joe's is an all natural, Masala Chai syrup, produced locally in Somerset. (yay for the west country!)

Henny and Joe's pretty much embodies everything I'm looking for in a brand; beautifully designed packaging and website (form over function forever..), passion, ethical and sustainable values, and a great tasting, additive free product! Perfect.

Should I be worried that according to that list the taste was the least important factor for me..


Obviously you can use your chai syrup for your usual lattes and tea, but Chai in this form is so much more than that; you can use your syrup for cakes, and deserts, or even my personal favorite; overnight oats! But I've waffled on for quite long enough already, so I'll post that later in the week :)

Much Love, 

P.S: I stumbled across this blog during my research for this post, and thought it was too good not to share! Totally appealed to both my love of travel, and Chai!

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