Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Bath and West Show

Last week I traveled over to the Bath and West Show with some friends. For those that aren't local, or maybe just don't come from a farming family, the Bath and West is a County show that takes place annually in Somerset. I used to go every year as a kid (my grandpa actually used to show his cattle there, and my grandma was on the committee, so my family has a long history with the place).

I've not been for a few years 'cuz of uni and stuff, so it was awesome to get to go this year (and to take the boyfriend, and introduce him to that part of my childhood).

We began in the Cider tent (the best way to win over my man), where we got to sample a variety of local ciders (I don't think we paid as much attention to the commentary as we were supposed to..)

Having drunk our fill (it was only 11 in the morning after all!) we headed off to discover what the rest of the show had to offer. And I was not disappointed.

The food hall was packed to bursting with local produce. So so much cheese. And Cider. And so many stalls selling tempting burgers and sausages, and bacon. It really was a treat for all the senses. There was so much to see, and the smells wafting over the chattering crowds were delicious.

Having promised to come back to the food hall at lunchtime we headed off in search of some livestock (I am a farmers daughter after all). Besides, who wouldn't love spending an hour or so in the company of these cuties!

And if cider, food and cute sheep aren't your thing (though I cant think why they wouldn't be..!), there's always the funfair! I really wanted a ride on the Ferris Wheel!

Having grabbed some burgers from the food hall, we settled down to watch the parade of prize winning sheep and cows (which was commentated on by my Uncle, which was surreal).

Having filled our bellies we headed to the bottom of the show ground in search of some more unusual animals. What we found was pretty special.

Oh, and I won a bet against the boys that the yellow ferret would run the fastest. I always knew yellow was the best colour! :)

Sadly the show is over now, and wont be on again till next year, but if you ever do get a chance to go, you should definitely go for it! I know country shows aren't everyone's cup of tea, but there really is so much to see there, you should be able to find a little something for everyone.

Much Love, 


  1. I would be in my absolute element here as a foodie and a nature lover this looks like a brilliant event Lucy

    1. Thanks lovely! It really was such a nice day out! (it helps that we got super lucky with the weather, yay for sunshine days!) J x