Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DIY | Tablet Stand

This isn't a tutorial. This couldn't be a tutorial. As with so many of the things I make, I just kinda cobbled it together as I went along.

There is probably a more efficient, better way to make something like this, but here's a vague guide to how I did it..*

I started with two, long pieces of wood; piece A, which was 1.5cm thick and piece B and which was 0.75cm. I trimmed piece B to 10.5cm wide, because that's how wide piece A was, and I wanted them to fit together. Fortunately, that's also about the same width as my tablet. Yay for convenient coincidences! 

Next I clamped piece A in a Miter-Saw (a saw suspended between metal guides that enables you to cut at an angle, or so Wikipedia tells me..) and cut at 45 degree angle through the width of the wood.

I then glued my newly separated wood approx. 1.5cm apart (the depth of my tablet) onto piece B, and trimmed the end of piece B (I had purposefully left it longer than piece A, as I didn't know how much space I would need to slot my tablet in).

The stand ended up being about 20cm long, which is just a little longer than my tablet - if I had made it too short the weight of the semi-vertical tablet would have made the whole thing topple over..

Unsurprisingly, considering it was such a botch job, there was some gap between the top and base pieces where I had applied the glue too liberally (apparently this could have been resolved by using nails or screws instead, but that sounded far too technical..). To resolve this, I simply applied some wood filler into the gap, sanded the everything thing down, and painted it. White. Of course. (there's kind of a running joke in my family that I would paint everything white if I could.. As much as it is a joke, it does have a very strong basis in reality..) 

Job Done. :)

Much Love

*Somewhere along the way, I seem to have managed to lose the pictures I took, so you'll have to make do with annotated finished pictures, and take my word for it that I actually made it myself..