Monday, 29 June 2015

The Happiness Project: Week Two

Monday: Getting my blog on, aaaallll afternoon. I sat down at my desk after lunch with the intention of firing off a quick post, and next thing I know, dad is calling me downstairs for dinner. I wouldn't want to waste all my days away staring at a screen, but sometimes it feels good to be able to really get your teeth into something, ya know?

Tuesday: Dinner with the boyf. Pasta and The Simpsons. Simple and easy. :)

Wednesday: Productive mornings! I didn't start work till 3pm, and had a mammoth list to work though, but by some miracle I was finished by 11am, so sat out in the sun with a cup of tea, and a new issue of Kinfolk.

Thursday: What is it about Thursdays that is so unremarkable.. no idea what I did this Thursday either..!

Friday: Secret Stranger DIYing. I'm signed up for the latest Perfect Stranger Present Swap by Oh Comely and with the deadline for posting our gifts drawing ever closer I spent my evening crafting away in the attic. :)

Saturday: I was at the shop on Saturday, which is sometimes the worst. But this Saturday the sun was shining, the customers were happy, and we we're kept busy from open to close. If you must spend your weekend at work (and sometimes it cant be helped), then shifts like that make it bearable.

Sunday: In a desperate attempt to get out of the house, (and not keen to wander around outside in the rain), my mister and I ended up at Colonna and Smalls; a coffee obsessives haven in the center of town. We tried their Nicaraguan (stronger, for him), and Ethiopian (Chocolaty, for me) offerings, and whiled away an hour or so before heading home for a roast with the fam. The way Sundays should be.

What've you all been up to this last week? :)

Much Love, 

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