Wednesday, 1 July 2015

DISCOVER | Frome Independent Market

A couple of weekends back (after a really quite excellent 21st birthday bash) my mister and I dragged our hungover selves out of bed, and headed over to the totally adorable, and completely instagramable, Frome Independent Market.

Frome, for those of you who don't know is one of the up and coming parts of Somerset. Ancient cottages and a plethora of independent, creative businesses, coffee shops and cafes abound along the winding cobbled streets and alleyways, and once a month the market comes to town.

Specialising in independent, local goods and produce the market is the perfect place to while away an hour or two on a sunny Sunday morning (or a not sunny morning, I'm pretty sure the vendors show up whatever the weather..)

The market has a bit of something for everyone; a flea market, plenty of street food stalls (the fish burgers we picked up from the van on the corner of Scott Road and the High Street were an excellent hangover cure, jus sayin'), a farmers market, an artisan food market, and a 'craft' fair that's like Not On The High Street, only better, because you don't have to wait for postage, and the items are physically there in front of you; you can see and feel the quality of the work, and speak to the artisans and crafts people about their processes, rather than just viewing them abstractly through a computer screen.

The center of Frome may be small, but the clever people behind the market have managed to cram in so much good stuff; I was super excited to see so many awesome brands in one place, both old favorites (Henny and Joe's Chai), and new discoveries (Dusty Ape Coffee, Studio Scrase Designs, and Dark Matters Brownies)

If you ever find yourself at a lose end on the first Sunday of the month (next Sunday, incidentally), and have any interest in food, design, or supporting local business you should definitely head over to Frome*, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Much Love,

*The good people behind the market have even set a up a free shuttle between The Medical Practice and the market, to ease up congestion/parking in the center. So head there, or follow the diversions signs from the center of town. (be prepared to pay a small donation, because its only fair!)

Also, if you can bear to get up early on a Sunday, it is probably better to go earlier rather than later; the crowds do get a little intense as the day goes on..

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