Monday, 6 July 2015

The Happiness Project | Week Three

This week has been so good that I totally ran out of time to write this post, and am having to botch something together in my lunch break at work!

Monday: Super productive days off! I got my Perfect Strangers present in the post, did some blogging, tidied my room. I went to bed very content.

Tuesday: A sweet text from my favourite boy. We've never been an particularly mushy couple, and we've both been fairly grumpy recently, so it was extra lovely to read such nice words. It put a smile on my face :)

Wednesday: I finished the DIY wall calendar I had been working on, which was such a relief as I felt like I could finally breath and stop juggling a million different dates in my head.

 (download the printable calendar here)
Thursday: My perfect stranger present arrived, and Katie got it so right! ♥

The present arrived, and I literally opened it wearing my running kit, which included a top in the exact colour of the nail varnish she sent!

Can't wait to frame my scratch map and scratch off Thailand and Laos!

Friday: Date night! We went for dinner and watched Jaws at the Holbourne Museum as part of picturehouse's pop up cinema series, and it was basically perfect. Even the weather behaved (mostly..)

Saturday: I went babysitting and passed the time dreaming of roadtrips across America.

Sunday: Sunday was a whirlwind! But after a busy day of celebrating and socialising I found myself surrounded by my absolute favorites drinking tea and champagne (not together obviously..) and eating garlic bread and sticky sausages and cake, and my heart was very happy. The way I would like all Sundays to end from now on I think ;)

What was your happy moment this week?
Much Love,

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