Tuesday, 7 July 2015

DIY | Painted House no. 1

A long while back I took a class at The Makery, and came away with my own Painted House roller set.

Since then I've painted the inside of my wardrobe, and my little sister did a feature wall in her room, and that's about it..

Determined to make more of my purchase, I'm thinking about doing a little mini series here recording the various ways to use the kits.

I decided to start simple; cards and postcards.

I started by loading up my roller as stated in my last post,

The rollers work best when used at an angle, so I propped up a board against a couple of sample paint pots (because that happened to be what we had lying around, not for any practical reasons..)

I rolled down the page, filled in any gaps with dots, and voila, job done! It really was that simple!

yes. These cards are a different colour.. I totally forgot to photograph the first batch before I gave them away, so I had to make a second set.. 

The cards probably aren't personal enough for a big occasion, but they're simple enough to make on mass, so perfect to keep stashed away in case of emergencies (that moment when you realise its so and so's birthday tomorrow, and you haven't put a card in the post yet.. we've  all been there!), or as a quick 'thank you for dinner' kinda card.

Much Love,

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