Monday, 22 June 2015

The Happiness Project: Week One

So I've got a like million draft posts saved on my blogger dash, but I don't really know where to start in terms of getting back into blogging.. So I figured I'd start somewhere safe and familiar..

The Happiness Project!

Last week felt kinda crappy. I was exhausted (and not in a good 'I've done loads of fun things' kinda way), and felt constantly on the edge of a cold... or possibly in the middle of a really pathetic one..

Thankfully, despite all that, there have still been many moments which made me smile.

Monday: Walking home in the sun after work. Those sad days of starting and finishing in the dark are over, and I am loving it! And once I made it back to the car, they were playing some absolute tunes on Heart, which I blasted out at full volume with the windows down. The only way to drive in the summer!

Tuesday: Working-out outside! I've always wanted to do it, but was embarrassed at the thought of being seen by a burly farmer, lifting the tiniest of tiny (pink) weights. But Tuesday was so warm and lovely, that I could put it off no longer. And it was great! The positives (the sun, the gentle breeze, the sound of the birds singing in the trees) totally outweighed my fears of looking a bit silly..

Wednesday: Blogging!! I'm back on the bandwagon. Or at least, I was on Wednesday.. I typed up three different posts for my various blogs, so keep your eyes peeled for those over the next few days! :)

I didn't manage to take any pictures last week! So have this picture of me and my dad sneaking treats from the kitchen in 1993 instead.. (Happy Belated Fathers Day dad!) 

Thursday: ok. If ever there was a reason to write this list as the week goes on (or keep a journal) it is this. I have literally no recollection of what happened on Thursday..

Friday: Friday was mad busy! I went straight from a manic day at work, to a 5 hour shift babysitting, via the second worst traffic I have ever encountered (second only to the 6 hours my family and I spent stationery on a motorway in France..). Once there I indulged my usually-under-control love of trashy tv, and watched three and a half hours of Teen Mom.. I'm not even sorry.

Saturday: Bed! Having spent the evening freezing my toes off in a friends garden I was pretty excited to get home and hunker down under the duvet. With a hot water bottle no less! I was pretty content. :)

Sunday: Pilates with my favorite middle sister. We probably giggled more than we worked out.. and spent the rest of our time abusing the relentlessly cheerful instructor for being so happy, whilst we were in such pain... As a way of working out it was probably not very successful, but as a way of passing half an hour or so, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Much Love

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